To our dearest guests,

Today, it is more important than ever to put aside personal and professional gains and come to the aid of the city that has given us so much. The imminent outbreak of the COVID-19 disease has halted life in Toronto as we normally know. These are extraordinary times. Today, our true strength comes through standing together with our beloved city of Toronto, shoulder to shoulder with all of our team members. Serving the community has always been the top priority, and although we have always done that to the best of our ability, day in day out, it is time for us to do the right thing and shut down for a short time to do our part in protecting our people and the city we love so dearly. We have not made this decision lightly but we know that we’re doing the right thing, right now. We’re going to stay optimistic and consider this time off as an opportunity to grow and improve our product, service, and culture so that we can be back and serve the people we love stronger & better! Effective immediately we are going to shut down all of our stores until further notice.

If you’d like to support us during these difficult times, you can purchase our electronic gift card for future use. This will allow us to fight longer and live to serve you another day. You can purchase our gift cards using this link.

We are all in this together. Please take social distancing seriously. Stay safe and see you soon.

Much love,

Crave Healthy Habits